Value Engineering

By immersing ourselves in the design process, we encourage the whole team to develop a scheme which meets the brief and delivers value. Where project costs need to be reduced, we will guide the design team in a focused value engineering process that protects your brief and your budget.

As construction projects evolve through the design and planning phases the budget may be challenged. We will work with the design team to promote value focus in the initial design to meet your brief, while never stifling creativity or innovation. Where value engineering is required to pull construction costs back to budget, we avoid heavy-handed cost cutting. Instead, we believe it is essential to foster buy-in from the whole team to generate creative, cost-effective solutions. Throughout, we will manage the team to produce realistic, costed options for your consideration.

Our value engineering service includes:

  • Incorporating appropriate design development and risk allowances in the cost planning.
  • Producing regular pre-contract cost tracking to identify cost and scope creep.
  • Promoting a value focus in the design process.
  • Fostering a team approach to value engineering to safeguard your brief and budget.

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