Procurement Advice

The construction industry is always evolving in response to macro and micro economic factors. At PSP, we combine our detailed understanding of the macro impacts on input costs with our micro knowledge of Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. Put together, it means we can assess and recommend the procurement strategy that will best reflect your interests in a changing market.

Choosing the right method of procurement can greatly affect the success of your project. The procurement route and contract form can determine the quality of the contractor you engage, change the risk profile and the level of cost certainty you have when you enter into a contract.

Our quantity surveyors work with you to understand your project drivers, whether quality, timing or cost, and use their experience to suggest and manage flexible solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of the local construction market means we are perfectly placed to generate appropriate tender lists, and our rigorous management of the pre-qualification process reduces the risk of selecting an unsuitable contractor.

Our procurement advice service includes:

  • Expert knowledge of the local contractor and sub-contractor market, enabling us to produce quality tender lists.
  • Experience of and demonstrable success with multiple procurement strategies and contract forms.
  • The confidence and expertise to offer flexible and creative solutions to safeguard project deliverables.
  • The ability to produce Bills of Quantities in house, where appropriate.
  • Identifying and mitigating risk through procurement.


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