Feasibility Studies

The decision to build is a significant one, and you need as much cost certainty as the situation will allow. Our early advice will give you just that, so you can verify your budget and have the confidence to progress through the planning and design phases.

Front-end costs in construction can constitute a significant proportion of your overall budget. Design fees, planning advice and surveys can mount before your project has been confirmed as both appropriate and affordable. Involving our senior consultants early in the process will improve cost certainty and protect you against abortive fees.

Using multiple different estimating techniques, we can produce feasibility cost studies based on a simple client brief or early architectural masterplan. Our experienced staff will use real project costs to generate a robust estimate of the construction cost and advise you on the overall development budget. We will also ensure key components such as VAT, fees, levies, decant, recant and fit out costs are not missed. With our support, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether to build with confidence in the financial viability of the scheme.

Our feasibility studies service includes:

  • Estimating construction and development costs from limited information.
  • Expert use of real project cost data to generate robust early estimates.
  • Helping to establish the cost parameters for the emerging design.
  • Cost management and tracking of the development budget from inception.
  • Identifying potential risks and ways to mitigate them.

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