Dispute Resolution

We always employ a dispute avoidance approach, encouraging proactive communication to identify causes of dispute early and mitigate them. However, if parties are in conflict they need professional, clear and unbiased advice to help settle disputes in an equitable way.

Where parties to a construction contract are in dispute, we offer forensic analysis of the cost and programme issues and produce expert testimony that can be used to support private negotiations or adjudication. Our in-depth knowledge of construction costs, programme issues and most standard forms of contract allows us to offer unbiased, expert analysis and advice to help resolve disputes in an equitable way.

Our dispute resolution service offer includes:

  • Dispute avoidance, through open communication and early identification of causes of dispute.
  • Thorough assessment of claims and preparation of defense where they are found to be unjustified.
  • Understanding and advice about alternative dispute resolution forums.
  • Preparation of expert testimony to support the dispute resolution process.

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