Keble College – Kitchen Refurbishment

Project Overview:

PSP were appointed to provide full quantity surveying services for the refurbishment of the main production kitchen at Keble College. The kitchen is located in a Grade I listed building but is required to produce food to the highest standard for the College and for their significant conference trade. The upgrade is of great importance to the College and requires a full temporary production kitchen to ensure continuity of service and quality.

The Design:

The original fabric of the building cannot be altered due to it’s listed status, however, the basement floor is a double height space which allows the insertion of a steel framed mezzanine structure for the main production kitchen. This will be fitted out with specialist catering equipment designed and specified by a catering consultant. The front of the mezzanine will be visible through existing windows and will be a modern intervention of glass and obscured glass cladding. The basement slab will be removed and replaced, following the installation of new below ground drainage. Non-original internal partitions will be demolished and new partitions installed to form the required support and storage space for the kitchen. The Servery, adjacent to the main dining hall, will be fully refurbished and the bedrooms above reconfigured to accommodate a new ceiling height in the Servery. The space will have new services, including mechanical extract to the kitchen equipment.

Construction Characteristics:

The main installations and alterations to the building include:

  • Careful demolition of basement and upper floor slabs, internal walls and forming structural openings in walls
  • Localised underpinning and formation of a new basement slab over a new below ground drainage system
  • New steel mezzanine structure to main kitchen and timber joisted suspended floors elsewhere
  • Formation of new passenger lift shaft inside an existing building
  • Formation of a section of new green and glazed roof
  • Architecturally clad wall to kitchen mezzanine structure
  • Finishes generally hygienic and robust
  • Specialist catering equipment to kitchen, support areas, storage and main Servery

Procurement Process:

The project will be tendered in competition as a single stage traditional project with BQs. There will be two phases of work, with the Servery and all related areas of construction being carried out as Phase 1 so that during the second Phase the main Dining Hall and Servery can run as usual, albeit serviced by a temporary kitchen, and minimise disruption to College life and to the conference provision.

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